Gocomma delivers a range of affordable, high quality mobile accessories for tech lovers. From Bluetooth car chargers, screen protectors to adapters, enjoy a smarter mobile life. Compact and practical, don't leave home without the latest in Gocomma technology products.

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This is a really good smartwatch with all the basic features you look, under their range of price ($10 to $20).<br>The best points of this model over those more cheaper ones ( 116, m2, m3) are: the clip charger cable easier to use than the embedded USB connection, the band similar to Mi3, a good battery that last about one week of use, an independent data record of the last measures to upload when you're near to smartphone. <br>I'm not sure about health measurements precision, but they seem to be normal for me. Just one data that concerned me was my sleep data, not good besides I sleep so much. I will see this with the doctor.<br>This is the best SmartBand I had until now, but I'll try others, when I get more money for them. I recommend it
Brought those tires after had several punctures on original pneumatic ones .<br>Has been looking for different ones but those looking very good.<br>Installing tires wasn't easy ,but I have made a stand resting board where tire can be fixed without standing on axis just on rim.Then after boiling for 30 min and using cable ties, soupy water and standing on the sides of the wheel I could pool it on with motorcycle tire levers .<br>Tires sits perfectly ,when dropping wheel slightly bouncing but not as pneumatic ones.<br>I really don't feel too much difference compare to pneumatic ones when raiding and bear in your mind NO PUNCTURES ANY MORE!!!<br>Fantastic Tires! Very recommended.
Superb TV Box, Android 9 Pie, Awesome processor Amlogic s905x2, 4Gb RAM DDR4, 32Gb ROM. GPU Arm G32, everything work very fast, smooth and fluid, great quality of video and audio, a lot of apks from original google play store, youtube work great in 4K resolution, Kodi 18.5 Leia work awesome with tons of movies, tv chanells, series and everything about multimedia show.<br>Great for games, browsing on internet via chrome, nice built of device with little, decent display on front, nice graphic designe of earth in space on upper side.<br><br>It's really worth it, <br>RECOMEND IT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
The HDMI and Ethernet connection is fine, I tested at 2K but I am pretty sure that it will works at 4K as well . The PD charging support instead, do not works as I expected: <br>With the PD charger directly connected to my laptop the power red light near to the connector is lit, and the voltage is 20V fast charge. When I put the adapter ( with the same USB-C cable to avoid any difference in cabling ) the power red light is OFF but the laptop still charge at 5v . I don't know if this is a problem due to my laptop or the adapter is not PD compliant. <br>I have just described what's happening.<br>Attached are some pictures that better self explain than any word.
This is the complement needed for building a TRON like motorcycle jacket. <br>The electroluminescent lights came with 12V adapter, good for glowing the vehicles, but for personal use, this box is the most convenient power source. <br>It is a two AA adapter that fits in a pocket, and has a control button with four states, off, on,and two levels of blinking.<br>A good acquisition for one who want soft glowing EL light stripes instead of bright dots of LED.
Gotta luv this sports watch it has all the features that a modern athlete needs to assess their daily performance or fitness goals. This watch has HR Monitor, BP monitor, Pedometer,gps, SPO2, mnHg, kcal counter, stopwatch, temperTure, can also sync with your android / ios phone so you can be notified if you have sms or calls. Overall an excellent watch for its cheap price. Very good
Good reliable card reader, usable with usb c, micro usb and usb a 3.0. accepts micro sd and normal sized sd cards, good looking easy to carry and the perfect size also has an blue indicator led while in use
Arrived, not in the estimated delivery time, but in the extended delivery time (dispatched 10.10., arrived 11.29). Apart from the long time, everything is fine so far. It was a gift, and the receiver is happy with it. Made a 35 mins cardia sesion with it, and felt good, did not want to fall out. Sound is good. Been said, that in the right ear feels comfortable all the time, in the left it gets a bit uncomfy after it gets moved once. But she likes the product, I am glad that I ordered from here!
nice pack for type c to jack adapters. works nice with phones which has analog output. It doesn't work with digital outputs. quality is very good,as original oem cables from manufacters.
Its external material is made of waterproof durable fabric. It has a lot of pouches and slots to organizer your accessories, tools and devices. Three dividers allow you to customize the large compartment. I used the case for storing ten powerbanks, two flashlights and many USB cables.
Serve the jobs, much quiet than before. Good Price. Fits for both of my Alfawise Printer and Ortur Laser engraver s' stepper. 1 stone with 2 birds. Come with nice heat sink but it would be nicer if heat transfer double tape will be included. Have trouble to fit the heat sink with stepper, one star off because of this. Fast delvery.
Gocomma folding chair comes in a cheap cardboard box in a bubble bag. Has a strap on the rim. Completely plastic, you can see the spring inside. Easy to fold out, very stable, despite the apparent fragility. Maintains my weight in 97 kg.
Very good quality, Fast shipping, well packed, very good quality, Fast shipping, well packed, very good quality, Fast shipping, well packed, very good quality, Fast shipping, well packed, very good quality, Fast shipping, well packed, very good quality, Fast shipping, well packed, very good quality, Fast shipping, well packed, very good quality, Fast shipping, well packed,
Good price. Fast delivery from CN warehouse with Belgium post to North EU. Not bad quality for this price. Good packed. I'm satisfied. Recommend for buying.
The received tire pattern doesn't match the image in the product page, I liked the pattern in the image. The quality seems very good, very solid and thick rubber. I will install it when my original tires become worn or punctured.
nice case, at all.<br>also good moment, that there is plug at the bottom
Portable blender is very handy. I use it for making shakes on the gym. Easily cut all fruits, and nuts. Easy to disassemble and clean. highly recommend it for every person WHO respect their time. No cons.
Almost perfect.as a product. The only.problem.is that I put finger ring on back.of phone, which cause the phone tightly sits on the folder, as well as the gap created by the holding ring make wireless charging not effective.
Prezzo molto vantaggioso per questo supporto cellulare con ricarica wireless. Fissaggio automatico per mezzo delle alette laterali motorizzate che assicurano un ottimo bloccaggio del telefono. Colore metallico molto bello. Acquisto consigliato.
2 einfache dünne Hüllen, die aber auf jeden Fall gut passen und vor Kratzern und Fingerabdrücken schützen. Gegen Fallschäden dürfte der Schutz Minimal sein. Aber das hatte ich bei dem Doppelpack auch nicht erwartet. Für den Preis absolut ok und für jeden perfekt, der eine sehr schlanke Hülle sucht.
Este despertador Digital tiene muy buena intensidad de luz por lo que lo tengo en el nivel mas bajo ademas el tamaño y el sonido del despertado son buenos. Buen producto por el precio que pagas por el.
Very goos edc multitool. Perfect set of tools useful in everyday use. I highly reccomend it for every one who wants good quality and cheap price.
Хорошие наушники, оптимальное соотношение цена-качество, к Samsung Galaxy A50 полностью подошли. Доставка до Москвы меньше месяца, упаковка надежная.
it works perfectly for all types of phones. used it for charging both iPhone and Android at same time. and even though iPhone uses USB 2 and Android uses USB C. they both were using fast charging
Tablet da scrittura e da bozzetti. È perfetto per appunti e annotazioni. Non è adatto a fare disegni che richiedono precisione in quanto non gestisce benissimo i livelli di pressione.
This is a good product and arrived at the time.<br>But please mind that it doesn't work with the recent products of Samsung, like Galaxy Tab S6 and Note 10.<br>For other brands, it's working fine.
Quick delivery by gearbest and good product<br>I'll recommend gearbest to you, friends and family members.
ich habe die Tasche nun schon eine ganze Weile und bin top zufrieden!<br>!! es passt bequem mein Redmi 8 Note (6.3'') rein und lässt sich gut durch die Schutzfolie bedienen.<br>Die Riemen sind lang genug, somit lässt sich die Rahmentasche sicher am Rohr fixieren.<br><br>** kann man mit ruhigem Gewissen weiterempfehlen **
This product ia very good.<br>it works on phone & pc's what makes it very easy to connect to almost evey product.<br>when connected a screen it was worm a little bit.<br>the price was good
Bons fones, sem nada de especial, acho que tem uma bateria muito pequena, podia ser bem melhor nesse aspecto. Acho que o som não é muito mau, mas podia ser bem melhor. Enfim pelo preço são ok.