Light up your world with Utorch, a leading brand for premium quality flashlights, lamps and other lighting solutions. For those who demand quality without compromise, get a world of bright ideas for less with Utorch.

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4.8 out of 5

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This Utorch rechargeable flashlight is a mini powerhouse. <br>Easily fits in palm of hand yet puts out a strong , bright , expansive beam of light. The mode features work well and the accessories, like the flashlight itself, are top notch. Being able to charge the battery without removing it from flashlight is extremely convenient. <br>Living in a rural , mountainous, wooded area having a couple of these flashlights handy is quite reassuring when power goes out or “things go bump in the night”!<br>As I said, for the price, and what you get for it, it's a great flashlight.
A Utorch já nos habituou a produtos de qualidade e esta H09 não é excepção. Esta Lanterna LED 1000 Lumens satisfaz os mais exigentes, para além de ter um carregamento magnético muito prático. De notar que não vem com bateria, usa uma pilha 18650. Dado que tem um tamanho pequeno torna-se muito prática para trazer no bolso, para além de ter u acessório que é um gancho para prender no cinto. Muito boa compra, recomendo.
A teszt éjszaka folyamán 3 jószágot sikerült csapdába ejtenie a többiek sikeresen elkerülték. De valószínűleg minden rovar a csapdában végezte volna előbb-utóbb. Tehát... Működik :)<br><br>:) A kék fény nem zavaró (engem nem zavar).<br>:) A működése halk.<br><br>Maga a szerkezet jól néz ki, de közelebbről megvizsgálva elég gagyi műanyagból van. Nem ajánlott elejteni.<br>A kábel vége USB a másik vége viszont fixen rögzítve a készülékbe.<br>Sokkal jobb lenne az USB-MicroUSB páros.<br><br>Köszönöm!
It does what it is supposed to do. (I have used it all summer)<br>It combines two functions in one: keeps away mosquitoes (and other insects) and provides light.<br>It would have been even better if one could turn off light but not the insect repellent part.<br>However, at this price, it is perfect.<br>The shipping took 3 weeks or so (to Romania), and I received it in good conditions.
I've bought this for curiosity, because the offer was a gift. The price of the batteries 4 x CR2032 worth half what I paid. <br>But it looks great glowing in the dark. In daylight, it appears as a white cord so you can use normally in your shoes. <br>It is a good gift for teenagers.
отличная лампа Utorch UT31 LED,есть пульт и множество функций освещения,описанию соответствует(для коридора 10кв.м)брал по акции рекомендую!<br>a great lamp Utorch UT31 LED, there are many functions and remote lighting, the description corresponds to (for corridor 10 m) took on the action recommended!
I like this and actually use it for a night light in my bathroom. I keep the solar panel section in my window. This came in real handy when the power company turned off the power here in California because of the high winds!<br>I have many areas where I would like to put a solar light. but don't have sunlight in those areas, so this is the answer!
I was afraid that it wont be bright enaugh to light the entire room but its work well. Really love the ability to choose beetwen warm and cold light. The video might not show it but its realy bright. my only problem that I cant connect it to my amazon echo device.
This is the best, brightest solar sensor light I ever had!!! Aldo it's not on a perfect, sunnyest place, it still has enough power to turn on im the morning... And it's powerfull, enlightens long, big stairs! I highly recomend it!
Джаджата е хубава и ефектна, добро попълнение към домашния интериор. Бях поръчал цвят топло бяло, но за съжеление получих цветно, което ми идва в повече, но от Геарбест са професионалисти и решиха проблема, препоръчвам на всички този магазин
wenn man die Lampe über den Lichtschalter steuert, hat sie immer volle Leistung beim einschalten.<br>Eine Bluetoothverbindung wird dann mit einem ziemlich lauten Geräusch bestätigt. Damit kann man gut Leute erschrecken........<br><br>Die letzte Einstellung merkt sich die Lampe, wenn sie über APP oder Fernbedienung gesteuert wird, der Lichtschalter immer an ist und die Lampe mit Strom versorgt ist.
Amazing lamp, looks very nice and modern and works also well. I was a bit afraid of white color possible coldness, but it is very comfortable warm white with adjustable levels. If you are looking for something modern and not so ordinary then that product is for you!
I have been using these for more than a year and still I am very happy for this purchase. Bought 4 in total and placed to my garden. In Sweden you can not expect lots of sun but quality of these are really incredible and feeling very secured with lighting.
Una prima consegna di queste lampadine nel pacco da 2 conteneva una malfunzionante. <br>Ho contattato Gearbest che ha provveduto ad inviarmi una sostituzione. <br>Ne sono pienamente soddisfatto e le ricomprerei subito. Secondo me sono fenomenali e funzionano benissimo. Peccato per la prima spedizione che ne aveva una rotta altrimenti sarebbero state 5 stelle
Received the light with quick delivery and promptly installed it in our bathroom. It really puts off nice diffused light that will work well above the mirror. It's ability to change color and brightness is a real plus
nice product. they would make a good gift if the packaging was a bit nicer and not destroyed during shopping... They work well
De los mejores productos que he comprado aquí, excelente calidad y durabilidad.<br>es un producto muy versátil con muchísimas aplicaciones diferentes!!<br>100% recomendado!
Ce produit fonctionne très bien et le prix est excellemment bas, j en est équipé tout mon appartement 8 ampoule au total et sa fonctionne a merveille, le seul problème c est l installation qui est un peu compliqué quand l application fais des siennes
Live in a dark place. Mayo Clinic calls it SAD SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER. Well made. Clear instructions. Well packed .
Good quality, easy to install. Lots of lighting features, easy-to-use remote controls, and mobile applications. However, the 3000 lumens in the description are a bit exaggerated ....
Ottimo prodotto. Se posso dire una pecca, la batteria non è molto potente, quindi si scarica presto. Se si utilizza per diverse volte nella stessa sera/notte, alla fine non regge.
I had it for several months now, and I have to say it is good quality build and working as expected. Battery is quite good too and light is good for a closet.<br>I would recommend.
I love this heart , it's very bright !!! I hadd no light on my ebike CMS before, now<br>I can use this in the evening and it's easy to light on! Next I take the bone shape , as <br>it's in the stock , I hope soon. The red light is so strong with different ways to lighten <br>the road .The most important I can be seen in the night
La plafoniera è veramente molto bella e funzionale. Purtroppo ne è arrivata soltanto 1 pezzo ma ne avevo ordinate 2. Dopo diverse vicissitudini GearBest mi ha rimborsato l'importo della plafoniera non disponibile. Comunque il prodotto è valido e con un ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo
oh scelto questo articolo leggendo le recensioni mi anno convinto a comprarlo mi è arrivato velocemente lo messo in funzione ed é molto bello da vedere spero che funzioni per le zanzare sono soddisfatto dell'acquisto è fatto bene buon materiale lo consiglio
it works fine in my balcony <br>make my night less dark when i goto the balcony <br><br>the motion sensor it recognizes human being and turn on with good light view
Muito boa e bonita. Tenho até hoje e recomendo para vocês que forem comprar. Ótimo material. Quero que saibam também que chegou rápido.
Everything is okay but<br>when I physically turn on the lamp, it does not remember the warmth of the glow. I change it in the application to warm. if you then turn off the forest physically and turn it on, turn on with a cold light. how to remember the parameters?
Très bon article. Reçu très rapidement et a été très Pratique pendant mon séjour en Afrique. J’et Débarrassé des moustiques
Excellent device. Strong light and quality sensor. Works perfectly on our front step to make it a safer place in the dark.